Silent Night, Deadly Night

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Silent Night, Deadly Night (1984)

Apparently the PTA fought to keep this movie out of the theaters back in the 80’s. I guess a killer Santa Claus is just not meant for the kiddies. The holidays haven’t been the same. Billy sees a crazed man dressed as Santa kill his parents when he was just a boy. If that isn’t enough, his creepy dying grandpa taunts him as well. Cut ahead 10 years later, we find Billy at work. When he if forced to play Santa, he makes them pay, they all pay! Mwahahaha! Linnea Quigley makes a cameo with a fun death scene and there is a show down with nuns. 6.5/10



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Timecrimes (2007)

I rented this movie based solely on the cover. This is not a horror movie, but a science fiction movie about time travel. If you have not seen this movie yet, quit reading, I don’t want to spoil it for you. You gone? Okay, anyway. What would you do if you were sent back in time one hour? This is a character study on just that question. Hector travels back in time one hour. Don’t think too long on the events that lead up to it, as there is a plot hole there. He sees himself from one hour ago with his wife and becomes jealous of the hour younger version of himself. He attempts to correct his poor decisions, which only makes things worse. I loved this film. If you like it, also try the movie Primer. I give this film 9.5/10. Go watch it now. On a side note, there is going to be an American remake of this because apparently Americans cannot read subtitles.

Surf Ninjas

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Surf Ninjas (1993)

I remember this as being the best movie ever made. In 1993, I was 11 and this movie contained everything I ever wanted. Now it is 2008. The nostalgia factor is high with this movie, but I now lack that innocence that made this movie so great 15 years ago. At age 11, this would have receive 9/10. Today it gets 7.5/10

Trick’R Treat

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Trick’R TreatSam

This was a very enjoyable movie. It was a shame that its release was delayed so long. In an era of remakes, this was a nice change of pace. It showed some of the consequences behind some of our Halloween traditions.  It opens with a couple returning from a Halloween party.  The wife blows out the candles in their jack-o-laterns before midnight.  She is brutally murdered shortly after.  We learn about why you should always were a costume on Halloween as well as why you should always check you candy before you eat it.  Sam is a fun character who at times is down right creepy.   It is not over the top gory and there is just a modest amount of nudity.  This should be added to any Halloween film festival. I give this a 9/10

Zombies Gone Wild

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Zombies Gone Wild(2007)

I can`t say enough bad things about this film. This doesn`t even fall in the it`s so bad it`s good category. If you are going to pick it up for the zombie Tn`A, don`t because there isn`t any. The dialog snaps, crackles, and pops. The gore effects are lame, and the zombie make up is worse than a kid`s on Halloween. I get that this is a no budget movie, but the name alone is a promise it can’t live up to. This movie lacks all 3 of the B’s. I didn`t heed the advice of those who came before me and now I will never have those 100 minutes back. This gets -4/10, please note that is a negative four.