The Three B’s

Low budget (and especially ultra low budget) movies tend to have a lot of failings. They lack quality acting, plots with substance, have poor audio, etc. In order to have a film picked up by a distribution company, the movie usually has to have the 3 B’s: Blood, Boobs, & Beasts. The 3 B’s allow for the distribution company to find a target audience (especially males ages 16-34). There are low budget movies that lack the 3 B’s that are entertaining, but they are few and far between.


One Response to “The Three B’s”

  1. […] a no budget movie, but the name alone is a promise it can’t live up to. This movie lacks all 3 of the B’s. I didn`t heed the advice of those who came before me and now I will never have those 100 minutes […]

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