Zombie Survival Guide: Recorded Attacks

Zombie Survival Guide: Recorded Attacks2009

Ah…Max Brook’s newest addition to the Zombie-verse, this time in graphic novel form. The book is a chronology of “recorded” zombie attacks. It some cases, the tales are said to be folklore and secrets several governments tried to cover up. The final story takes place in the USA in 1994, and the reader is left with an overwhelming foreboding of things to come. This book begs for additional volumes. The artistry of the book is amazing, my only complaint is that the violence and gore was tame for the most part, the story of the Cossacks being the exception. This may have been to make the book more accessible or perhaps they are not jaded gorehounds like myself. Enough about myself, the book is relatively short, I finished it in one sitting, and at $17 (USD) I was left wanting more. Max did it again and I can’t wait until his next effort. I rate this 9/10.


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