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Happy Halloween!

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Enjoy this most horrific of holidays. Be safe, eat brains, and send more paramedics…


Return of the Living Dead

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Return of the Living Dead (1985)

Braaaiiinnnsss…An icon saying is born. This movie is regarded as having been the first zombie movie to have the zombie crave brains. Tarman is also another highly recognized character from this film. Linnea Quigley also makes an appearance as a naked punk rocker, pink hair and all.

Ok…so if you look at the writing credits for “Night of the Living Dead”, you will notice that John Russo has a writing credit. Now, click the imdb link above, he has a writing credit here as well. Russo and Romero were involved in a drawn out legal suit over naming rights for sequels. It ended with Russo getting to call his movies “…of the Living Dead” and Romero got “…of the Dead”. Enough history.

This is one of my favorite zombie films. It can be terrifying one minute and hilarious the next. The back story is that “Night of the Living Dead” was based on a true story. Burt, Ernie, and Frank accidentally unleash Tarman, a sample specimen from the first zombie uprising. All efforts to make the situation better ultimately fail. I think our best bet is to just do away with Louisville…9/10

Zombie Survival Guide: Recorded Attacks

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Zombie Survival Guide: Recorded Attacks2009

Ah…Max Brook’s newest addition to the Zombie-verse, this time in graphic novel form. The book is a chronology of “recorded” zombie attacks. It some cases, the tales are said to be folklore and secrets several governments tried to cover up. The final story takes place in the USA in 1994, and the reader is left with an overwhelming foreboding of things to come. This book begs for additional volumes. The artistry of the book is amazing, my only complaint is that the violence and gore was tame for the most part, the story of the Cossacks being the exception. This may have been to make the book more accessible or perhaps they are not jaded gorehounds like myself. Enough about myself, the book is relatively short, I finished it in one sitting, and at $17 (USD) I was left wanting more. Max did it again and I can’t wait until his next effort. I rate this 9/10.

Nightmare City

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Nightmare City 1980
Nightmare City

What I’ve learned from watching this movie: 1. Italian zombies can fly/land planes, drive cars, and use guns, 2. Italian zombies are obsessed with tits and will do anything to bite them. With that said, it is apparent that Italian women did not wear bras in the ’70’s, regardless of occupation, thus making it easier for said zombies to bite their breasts. The gore in this film is rather tame by today’s standards, as the zombies preferred to sip blood than to devouring victims. Italian zombie movies hold a dear place in my heart. If you are a fan of the genre, this is worth a look. If you have not been introduced, then rent Fulci’s Zombi (a.k.a. Zombi 2). I give this 7/10.

Zombies Gone Wild

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Zombies Gone Wild(2007)

I can`t say enough bad things about this film. This doesn`t even fall in the it`s so bad it`s good category. If you are going to pick it up for the zombie Tn`A, don`t because there isn`t any. The dialog snaps, crackles, and pops. The gore effects are lame, and the zombie make up is worse than a kid`s on Halloween. I get that this is a no budget movie, but the name alone is a promise it can’t live up to. This movie lacks all 3 of the B’s. I didn`t heed the advice of those who came before me and now I will never have those 100 minutes back. This gets -4/10, please note that is a negative four.